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Halle Berry Reacts To A Joke About Her Blunt Bob Debut At The Oscars



Halle Berry joined the fun on Twitter after she debuted her new bob hairstyle at the 2021 Oscars on Sunday night.

The Oscar winner responded to a Twitter user who linked her new ’do to a popular lighthearted video from rapper Saucy Santana, who channels Nicki Minaj from the B.o.B. song “Out of My Mind” while rocking a bob. 

“Halle Berry tonight,” the user tweeted on Sunday alongside the video. Berry retweeted the post on Tuesday and playfully responded with two emojis, including a laughing-face one:

Berry stunned on the Oscars red carpet in a pink-toned Dolce & Gabbana gown that featured a prominent bow. She showed off her new bob with bangs after she teased the hairstyle on Twitter earlier in the evening with a photo that only showed her hair chopped off. 

Her hairstyle sparked a lot chatter on Twitter, with people sharing memes and all sorts of opinions of the ’do. 

The legendary actor and style icon, who made history becoming the first (and still only) Black woman to win an Oscar for Best Actress in 2002, apparently wasn’t phased by the blunt-bob-detractors. 

Berry arrived at the ceremony with her Grammy-winning musician boyfriend Van Hunt.

Hunt posted photos on Instagram Monday of him and Berry getting ready to attend the ceremony. His caption said it was the couple’s first date night. The two publicly confirmed their relationship on Instagram in September last year. 





Trevor Noah Impressed By Ex-Australian Prime Minister’s Weird Scandal



Trevor Noah was both outraged and impressed at the latest scandal in Australian politics.

Australians recently learned that former Prime Minister Scott Morrison had given himself extra powers during the coronavirus pandemic by secretly appointing himself to five other ministerial roles.

“This is such a strange story. Yeah, because this is one of those scandals that’s like, is this a scandal? No, because I’m outraged, but I’m also kind of impressed,” Noah said Tuesday on “The Daily Show.” “A politician chose to do extra work and not tell anyone. How dare you!”

“But for real, but that’s not how government works. You can’t just give yourself a job. You have to earn it by having your dad give you the job,” he added.


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Kendrick Lamar Shouts Out Young Fan Also Named Kendrick, Gifts Him Inspirational Note



A young concert attendee just got the shoutout of a lifetime at a recent Kendrick Lamar show.

During a performance on Sunday, Lamar shared an endearing moment with a young fan — also named Kendrick — during his set at a Big Steppers Tour stop at Detroit’s Little Caesars Arena.

In footage that’s since gone viral, a 9-year-old concertgoer with a sign reading “My name is Kendrick. This is my 1st concert. Can We Take a Pic” caught the rapper’s attention.

Lamar spoke uplifting words to the child from the stage, telling him to “respect and honor” his parents.

“Always honor them, man,” the Grammy-winning artist said. “They brung you to your first concert. Always respect and honor them.”

“You will forever be great. You’re great right now. You can do whatever you wanna put your mind to, you know it? You understand that?” Lamar added. “Little Kendrick, do what you wanna do in life.”

The child’s father, David Stewart, later gushed about the experience on social media, sharing a clip of Lamar’s speech on Instagram.

“I was hoping for a picture but this was a million times better! @kendricklamar gave my son a speech,” Stewart wrote in the caption.

After the set, Lamar sent the kid home with a note that he wrote on the back of his sign. “Young Kendrick. Thank you for coming,” it read. “I’m glad we got to exchange energy. You are special.”

Lamar added, “Continue to manifest the great energy you possess!!! See you next time!!! Luv!!!”

Two days after the performance, young Kendrick’s father explained on his Instagram Story how the interaction with Lamar was a full-circle moment.

“I named my son after Kendrick 9 years ago. I was at a Kendrick Lamar concert the moment my son was born!! And for that moment to take place is definitely amazing that the universe came back full circle like that!” Stewart said.

Last month, Lamar became the center of another viral moment when a clip emerged from his tour showing a security guard being brought to tears by his live performance of 2017’s “DAMN” tune “Love.”

In an interview with Jazzy’s World TV, Lamar said he’d seen the viral clip and explained that he wanted his music to bring out positive emotions in people.

“It’s really just about the feeling of it at the end of the day,” Lamar said. “Past all the politics, past all the numbers. It’s what music makes you feel, how it makes you feel.”

In a shout-out to the security guard, he added: “I was like, man, I wonder what he going through? But at the end of the day, that’s how you want everybody to perceive your music.”


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Zoë Kravitz Addresses ‘Scary’ Backlash Over Her Reaction To Oscars Slap



In the days following the Oscars slap, practically everyone with a WiFi connection was moved to broadcast their very necessary opinion about the incident ― solicited or otherwise.

One such figure was Zoë Kravitz, who unfortunately found herself assuming the role of Twitter’s main character after strongly condemning Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the ceremony, in which she was also in attendance.

The backlash to her comments, in which she described the show as “where we are apparently screaming profanities and assaulting people on stage now,” was swift. Twitter users relentlessly came for Kravitz, whose name began trending on the platform, digging through her own past for so-called problematic moments.

Speaking with WSJ. Magazine in a profile published on Tuesday, “The Batman” star addressed the controversy for the first time, admitting she wished that she “had handled that differently.”

“I’m torn about what to say right now, because I’m supposed to just talk about it; I have very complicated feelings around it,” she told the outlet. “I wish I had handled that differently. And that’s OK.”

“It’s a scary time to have an opinion or to say the wrong thing or to make controversial art or statements or thoughts or anything,” she continued. “It’s mostly scary because art is about conversation. That should, in my opinion, always be the point. The internet is the opposite of conversation. The internet is people putting things out and not taking anything in.”

In addition to her initial comments about the awards show, Kravitz also responded “nope” when a fan asked if she supported Smith’s behavior.

The “Big Little Lies” alum went on to share that currently she’s taking the approach not to “express myself through a caption or a tweet,” preferring instead to let her work speak for itself.

“I was reminded that I’m an artist. Being an artist is not about everybody loving you or everyone thinking you’re hot,” she added. “It’s about expressing something that will hopefully spark a conversation or inspire people or make them feel seen.”

The tweets aimed at Kravitz after her Oscars post took issue with her past romance with actor Ezra Miller, who’s been arrested multiple times within the past year, and her ongoing friendship with Alexander Wang, who has faced a slew of sexual assault allegations, which the designer has denied.

Twitter users also resurfaced past comments Kravtiz, who has been in the Smith’s family’s orbit for years, made about a then-underage Jaden Smith, which some found to be inappropriate.

The “King Richard” star himself has, of course, since expressed his deep remorse over his actions, which he described as “unacceptable” in an apology video released last month.

“I’ve reached out to Chris and the message that came back is that he’s not ready to talk and when he is, he will reach out,” he said. “So I will say to you Chris, I apologize to you. My behavior was unacceptable and I’m here whenever you are ready to talk.”

Smith went on to address people who felt let down by his behavior, adding that he’s committed “to putting light and love and joy into the world.”

“If you hang on, I promise we’ll be able to be friends again,” he said.

Only time will tell if Kravitz is open to accepting the offer.


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Florence Pugh And Zach Braff Split And She Wants You To Keep Your Opinions To Yourself



Florence Pugh and Zach Braff have called it quits after four years of dating, months of rumors about their breakup and a seemingly endless amount of fascination with their 21-year age gap.

The “Black Widow” star, 26, confirmed in a Harper’s Bazaar profile published on Monday that she and the “Scrubs” alum, 47, quietly ended their relationship earlier this year.

“We’ve been trying to do this separation without the world knowing, because it’s been a relationship that everybody has an opinion on,” Pugh told the outlet. “We just felt something like this would really do us the benefit of not having millions of people telling us how happy they are that we’re not together. So we’ve done that. I automatically get a lumpy throat when I talk about it.”

The low-key couple, who were first linked in 2019 after working on a short film together, have largely kept their relationship out of the public eye, notably never walking a red carpet together.

Instead, the duo preferred casually interacting with each other on social media, where they shared photos and first confirmed the romance with a sly nod to their age difference.

Privacy remains paramount for Pugh, and she pushed back on the negative press about their relationship from the onset, describing the invasive attention surrounding her personal life as “incredibly wrong.”

“Whenever I feel like that line has been crossed in my life, whether it’s paparazzi taking private moments, or moments that aren’t even real, or gossip channels that encourage members of the public to share private moments of famous people walking down the street, I think it’s incredibly wrong,” she told Harper’s Bazaar.

“I don’t think that people, just because they have this job, that every aspect of their life should be watched and written about,” she added. “We haven’t signed up for a reality TV show.”

The “Little Women” star has made a habit of publicly addressing the conversation about her age gap with Braff, previously slamming internet trolls for “bullying” them on Instagram.

Last year, Pugh even offered a theory as to why their romance attracts so much attention.

“It’s not who they expected,” she told The Sunday Times, noting that her fans presumed she might date a Timothée Chalamet type. “But it’s my life and I’m not doing anything to please people or to make it a better headline or story. I want to also be a person!”

In recent months, speculation has swirled that two went their separate ways, especially after Pugh was seen vacationing with her “Midsommar” co-star Will Poulter and friends earlier this year.

But she came to Braff’s defense again after the internet preemptively celebrated the split, shutting down rumors that she and Poulter were romantically involved and reiterating that “there’s literally no need to be horrible online.”

“There’s no need to drag people through this. Regardless of your opinion on who I should or shouldn’t be with, at the end of the day if you’re complimenting someone by trolling another person.. you’re just bullying,” Pugh wrote in May.

Braff has yet to offer a public comment on their relationship. The two seemingly remain on good terms, as Pugh went onto praise the experience of collaborating with Braff in the forthcoming film “A Good Person,” which he wrote and directed.

“The movie that we made together genuinely was probably one of my most favorite experiences,” Pugh told Harper’s. “It felt like a very natural and easy thing to do.”


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Diva War! Glitter Flies As Mariah Carey’s Move Hits Sour Note With Rival Queens



Mariah Carey wants to be known as the “Queen of Christmas,” and might have a strong claim for the title given her inescapable holiday hit.

However, at least two other singers say that crown belongs to them, including a rival diva who recorded a season-defining track years before Carey was even born.

Variety reported that Carey is trying to trademark “Queen of Christmas,” not only embracing a nickname she once rejected but also giving her exclusive use on a wide range of merch.

Darlene Love, singer of the classic 1963 tune “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” objected to the move on Facebook.

“David Letterman officially declared me the Queen of Christmas 29 years ago, a year before she released ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You,’” Love wrote, referring to how she sung the tune on Letterman’s late-night show every year for decades.

“At 81 years of age I’m NOT changing anything,” she added. “I’ve been in the business for 52 years, have earned it and can still hit those notes! If Mariah has a problem call David or my lawyer!!”

Singer Elizabeth Chan, who focuses almost exclusively on Christmas songs, has been calling herself the “Queen of Christmas” for years, and has filed a declaration of opposition to the trademark application.

“I feel very strongly that no one person should hold onto anything around Christmas or monopolize it in the way that Mariah seeks to in perpetuity,” Chan told Variety. “That’s just not the right thing to do. Christmas is for everyone. It’s meant to be shared; it’s not meant to be owned.”

Carey filed for the trademark in March 2021; it was published for opposition just last month.

The filing includes the title’s use on a range of merchandise including songs, cosmetics, clothing, dog clothing, food and drinks ― and, of course, Christmas tree decorations.


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‘Kimmel’ Host Desus Nice Has Field Day With Fox News’ Latest Pro-Trump Meltdown



“Multiple passports. Lots of cash. Hunted by the FBI,” Nice said. “He’s like a racist Jason Bourne, but more orange.”

Trump has ripped the Justice Department and the FBI over the search warrant at his Florida residence.

“Trump says the documents the FBI took from Mar-a-Lago are covered by his white privilege,” Nice said. “Wait, excuse me, I mean his executive privilege.”

But his favorite part of the events wasn’t the search itself or even Trump’s reaction.

It was how Fox News and others on the right went bananas over it ― in some cases, literally.

Check it out in the Monday night monologue:


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How ‘Never Have I Ever’ Gave Us Two Wonderfully Different South Asian Moms



This article contains spoilers for the ninth episode of Season 3 of “Never Have I Ever.”

Among the many joys of watching “Never Have I Ever” is the breadth and depth of its characters, including its multiple generations of South Asian women. The show is primarily a coming-of-age comedy about high schooler Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) dealing with the death of her father, the social pressures of adolescence, and the excitement (and humiliation) of teenage crushes. At the same time, many of the show’s supporting characters get wonderfully rich arcs of their own, such as Devi’s mom Nalini (Poorna Jagannathan).

On a lesser show, Nalini easily could have been a stereotype: a one-dimensional stern, domineering immigrant mother — the kind we’ve seen a lot on screen. But in the hands of Jagannathan and “Never Have I Ever” co-creators Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, she’s so much more than that. Over the course of the show, Nalini has gone on her own journey of growth alongside Devi, juggling her job as a dermatologist with being a single parent to a hormonal teenager, and learning to become a more affectionate and patient presence in Devi’s life.

During the show’s third season, which premiered Friday on Netflix, Nalini gets both a friend and a foil in Rhyah (Sarayu Blue), the mother of Devi’s new love interest, Des. It’s rare to see two very different South Asian mothers on the same show. Rarer is seeing both characters handled with complexity and nuance.

“For so long, we’ve seen a very specific version of the South Asian mom,” Blue said in an interview. “What Mindy and Lang have created is a world where everyone is so believable. It just makes it so much more rich and fun to watch.”

Blue at an event in 2020.

Paul Archuleta via Getty Images

The two actors have been friends for a while, as part of a tight-knit and supportive community of South Asian actors in Hollywood, according to Jagannathan. Each said they were thrilled to finally get the chance to work together.

“We’re so used to, like, if there’s one Indian in a series, there’s just no room for another one. That’s the world that we come from,” Jagannathan said. “And suddenly, there’s a show with so many South Asians, so many people of color, so much diversity. And then suddenly, there’s two South Asian women, not only together, but in the dynamic of a friendship.”

From the day they met, Jagannathan said the two have dreamed about projects they could do together as leads. However, “the lack of seeing two South Asian female characters” as a duo onscreen made it “so hard to imagine what we would do.”

“When you think of, like, two white protagonists, like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, Thelma and Louise — like, we have just decades of that trope,” she said. “But two brown women? It was really something to be in that space with her.”

As Blue pointed out, a character like Rhyah — a nutritionist with a chill, “California hippie-dippie” vibe — “would historically be represented by a white woman, which does make sense in a lot of ways, if you see her qualities,” she said. “It was fun to play this brown woman who had this sort of sensibility. It’s such an interesting version of a brown woman that you just don’t see very often.”

Like a simpler version of Nalini, Rhyah could have been a flat and reductive character on paper. In fact, it’s easy to imagine a version of her introduced purely as Nalini’s rival or a cartoon villain. (She does become kind of a villain, but we’ll get to that later.) But as Jagannathan noted, “the whole show is an exercise in nuance. It uses the old comedy device of opposites, and then fills that device in with so much color,” she said.

By introducing Rhyah as a contrast to Nalini, “it could have just leaned into a simpler trope. It’s a setup,” she continued. “But this show, and especially Mindy and Lang, they’re so committed to not only comedy, but they’re so committed to the world of nuance that they gave us these richly textured characters that actually aren’t opposites, but find so much in common, and want to find so much in common. They both long for this friendship in some way, and that’s what feels new and novel.”

Jagannathan at a screening of "Never Have I Ever" in Chicago last week.
Jagannathan at a screening of “Never Have I Ever” in Chicago last week.

Daniel Boczarski via Getty Images

The idea behind the two women’s friendship was inspired by Kaling’s own mother. “When my parents immigrated here, my mom didn’t have female friends. This idea that Nalini is a lonely woman who is an immigrant whose husband died and her having a female Indian friend was really fun to write and important to see,” Kaling told The Hollywood Reporter last week. “I’d never seen that on TV, and I wanted to see that.”

What begins as a friendship, including the pair commiserating over parenting teenagers and giving each other health recommendations, eventually comes with a twist. In the season’s penultimate episode, when Devi has a panic attack over her late father, Rhyah comforts her. But in the very next scene, she tells her son that Devi is “hysterical” and “has a lot of problems,” breaking up their short-lived romance. Through the writing and Blue’s performance, the show manages to make the moment both predictable and shocking when it lands.

Blue said when she initially got the role, she didn’t know that Rhyah’s arc would end in such spectacular fashion. As the season progressed, she delighted in getting to plant the seeds for the big reveal.

“I got a glimmer of it just in that first moment, when she’s like, ‘I prefer to exist in the wellness space.’ And it’s one of those things where I really wanted to make sure it was like a slow burn, because otherwise it doesn’t have the same effect, I don’t think. I feel like what they did so brilliantly is they wrote it in a nuanced enough way that by the time it happened, we were like, ‘Oh, now I get it,’” she said. “The payoff is so good, you know, and it’s just it makes it really fun to get to play something like that, because that’s not something that I would normally get a chance to do.”

Rhya in episode 2 of the third season of "Never Have I Ever."
Rhya in episode 2 of the third season of “Never Have I Ever.”

There’s another layer of nuance to the two women’s relationship. As Jagannathan described, their storyline unravels “the ‘bad immigrant’/’good immigrant’ trope”: How people within the same immigrant communities sometimes perceive each other as rivals in their need to assimilate.

“‘You need to keep a distance, and you can’t really associate with them, and this is not a good person or good family to date within’ — you know, it’s a very, very true phenomenon,” she said. “It’s complicated. I am acutely aware of the dynamic. Obviously, Des and Devi, they get along and are wonderful, but [Rhyah] has this need to protect her son from Devi’s influence, like: ‘We don’t want to get mixed up with that family.’”

In a huge moment of growth for Nalini, she unconditionally defends Devi in a confrontation with Rhyah, part of Nalini’s arc throughout the show of “trying to let go of her armor and step into kind of a fluffier coat for her daughter and just be there emotionally for her.”

“In this season, you do see Nalini grow in her relationship with Devi and her ability to step into the kind of emotional hole that the more present or the more loving parent left,” Jagannathan said, referring to Nalini’s late husband Mohan (Sendhil Ramamurthy). “So there’s a lot of growth, and the moment with Rhyah where she stands up to Devi just serves as an example.”

According to Jagannathan, Nalini’s arc of emotional growth will culminate in the show’s fourth and final season, which they recently shot, and will premiere next year. Based on how the third season ends, we can expect to see Nalini preparing to become an empty-nester — an experience with which Jagannathan is intimately familiar.

“I’m a parent of a 16-year-old: He leaves in two years. And I keep reminding myself that my job is to deliver him to adulthood. Physically, but also emotionally, that is so challenging as a mom, I can’t even begin to tell you,” she said. “I think Nalini delivers Devi into adulthood as a more complete person, and in doing so, has to fill in the hole herself.”

Nalini comforting Devi in season 3 of "Never Have I Ever."
Nalini comforting Devi in season 3 of “Never Have I Ever.”

As Jagannathan starts to reflect on the four seasons of the show, she says she feels “like a more complete artist after this journey,” describing “a sense of home and belonging and empowerment and voice” that the show has given her.

“I’ve always felt like a guest on every other set, including sets where I was a series regular. I always felt like it wasn’t my place and wasn’t my set, and for me to be on a set that feels absolutely 1,000% like home is a huge lesson for me,” she said. “I just have a sense of self and a sense of voice, of belonging, that I hope I will carry throughout my career.”

“Never Have I Ever” has also allowed her to imagine a future with more shows like it and more opportunities to share the screen with other South Asian women — including working with Blue again.

“Back in the day when Sarayu and I started, I didn’t have the imagination to dare to think like that,” Jagannathan said. “Suddenly, there are all these tracks being put slowly on the ground. We’re rolling into a future that is very unknown, but at least we can think about it, and we can maybe imagine it.”

Blue has some ideas of what they could do together. “She has proven to be somebody who has my back, and certainly, I’m somebody who has hers. We really are incredibly loyal friends. She’s got a lot of integrity about her, and I think they’re qualities I love so much about her. It makes acting with her very easy because you can trust her,” she said of Jagannathan.

“We keep talking about trying to find a project for the two of us because of that. I think we have a lot of fun together,” she continued. “Somebody had mentioned something about us doing like a ‘Thelma and Louise’-type, and I thought, ’God, that is so what we need to do!’”


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